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Organization & Business Tools

Imagine an All In 1 Business PORTAL with 72+ Tools & Resources to Grow & Fund your Life, Company & Projects

72+ Org & Biz Tools:
Full Service PR, Sales & Marketing; Custom Software, Consolidated Social, Tools & Resource Profile, Secure/Private Admin Access & Settings, Internal Team Collaboration, Personal Bio Section, Personal Link Section, Like Minded Directory, Targeted Chat, Targeted Group Chat, Google Calendar, Appointment Manager, Departmental Analytics, Live Training, 24/7 Online Training, Sunday Webinar Training, Personal Event Section/s, Community Event Section/s, Personal Career Section/s, Community Career Section/s, Personal Webinar Section/s, Community Webinar Section/s, Personal Ecommerce Section/s, Community Ecommerce Section/s, Concurrent Social Media Posting, Notifications (Money & Business), Jobs Affiliate Links, Events Affiliate Links, Directory Affiliate Link, Webinar Affiliate Links, Ecommerce Affiliate Links, Video Biz Card Affiliate Link, Sign Up Forms Affiliate Link, Crowdfunding Affiliate Links, Press Release/s Affiliate Link, Personal & Community Crowdfunding Section/s, Emailing, Email Marketing, Data Mining, Lead Scraping, Local Marketing, Video Marketing, Review Marketing, Data Base Tagging, Database Marketing, Prediction Marketing, Prediction Marketing, Behavioral Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Database Management, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Recommendation Marketing, Contact Import & Downloading, 75000 Contact Relationship Management, Referral Rewards, Quick Donation Link, 25% Software Commissions, 25% Advertising Commissions, 25% Subscription Commissions, 50% Full Service Communications Commissions, 100% Store, Donations and Crowdfunding Commissions, Free Trademark Searches, Low Cost Patent Searches, Free Legal Patent Opinions, Licensing Contracts Review, Event/Trade Show Representation, High Value Inventor/Investor Workshops, Radio Shows, Business Coaching, Crowdfunding Coaching, Call Center from Laptop, Access to Reporters (NYT, ABC, CNN, etc...), Personal & Community Press Release Section/s

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