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CROWDFUNDING: Request for contribution to my personal investments 2015 & 2016 for charity in Uganda and for the Van Wijk Consult (Peace via Dialogue) projects 2017 (Uganda, and maybe Congo & Somaliland)

Crowdfunding Details

Target Amount: $0

Location: EMEA

Donation Incentives: Uganda T-shirt

Use Of Funds: See details

Published By: Jolanda van Wijk


Target amount euro 6.642,- (of which almost 3.000,- to cover part of my personal investments)


#PeaceviaDialogue is a program that is born from my charity work (in Europe, Middle East & Africa). Together with country representatives I offer a broad range of inspiration for (inner) peace via management consultancy, workshops, coaching and facilitation.#PeaceviaDialogue is meant to facilitate making dreams come True.

In Uganda, Kampala, Zana community, dialogue and boxing came together. It led to the Zana Social Development Organisation , registered 2016 December 5th.. I am co-founder of the organisation and enjoy being part(time member) of the community. The organisation is born from cooperation between Van Wijk Consult (Peace via Dialogue) and Nassers Junior Boxing Academy in Uganda.

Also in Congo and Pakistan I work with country representatives on #PeaceviaDialogue.


At this moment, starting 2017 May 21st. & ending 2017 December 31st., this request to donate a contribution is dedicated to me & the Zana Social Development Organisation.

In 2015 & 2016 I decided to dedicate personal resources to found Step by step it can now grow into something, plans & actions to fulfil our mission and to create what we envision. We seriously wish to close 2015 & 2016 (donations to add on my personal resources), also we hope to receive donations for our 2017 plans.

To donate for 2015 & 2016 you can sign up here on New Portal and use the Donate button on my Crowd funding page here. If you want to skip the sign up then give me a call (+31 (0) 6 3041 7530) so I can link you directly to my PayPal.

To donate for 2017 you can use the Donate button for #BoxingforPeace on the Donations page of my website,

(For Congo and Somaliland you can donate too, if you prefer. Just let me know. I can tell you details about those projects too).


* Euro 2.942,-: I made the registration of the organisation possible and Fight for Education I. Priceless. A small part of my invested money we decided to make sure to get it back. I would like to try that via this request for donations, sothat it does not press on the organisation. This part consists of 2015 - laptop, smartphone and boxing material (gloves), 2016 - ticket and registration of organisation. Part of this money (estimated euro 500,-) I would like to spend on restoring the roof of the house where I stayed November 2016.

* Euro 2.700,-: Nassers Junior Boxing Academy has to become an integral social development centre for the Zana community members, the office of the Zana Social Development Organisation. Wished for/planned for in October. Also the registered organisation needs to further be organised. It needs me to go to Uganda by the end of 2017 (approximately 800 euro of the 2.700,-).

* Euro 1.000,-: The organisation is running/wants to run lovely projects. For those I would like to raise funds too, starting now here with Fight for Education III (I and II took place already).  We would like Nassers Junior Boxing Academy T-shirts & a pair of sports shoes for all the kids Fighting for Education III  lacking it, so the Zana kids and invited kids. Also we would like to offer them a drink afterwards. Planned for November/December.

If you like, you can ask me for an Uganda T-shirt in return. You can also decide to donate the money for that (euro 5,- cost price) for our plan to make Organisation T-shirts which will be sold / given out for the end of the year Christmas & New Year celebrations.

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