Bio & Basic Information
Name: Lielle Arad
Location: Simi Valley, California, United States
Phone: 3106632609
Company: World Responsible Industries
Main Interest: Social and Environmental Responsibility

Lielle Arad is COO of Green2Gold and is the Co-Chair, along with Alan Tratner for the Environmental Education Group. Lielle is 100% dedicated to the responsibility aspect of all Environmental Education Group projects. Lielle is a Certified Professional Ontological Coach since 2001, and has professionally and personally coached Non-Profit Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Celebrities, Trauma Victims and Adolescents. Lielle was one of the founders of the Addiction Academy, as well as founded and developed ‘The Evolving Mother’, a support training program, and ‘MotherBank’, a complimentary currency system, as well as a Media Company. Lielle also has extensive college level teaching experience, sales and management experience, and is the proud mother of three.

Green Business
 Renewable Energy
 Social Ventures
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