Our Team
  • Chief Executive Officer:

    Joshua Joseph is a seasoned visionary, business developer, land and software developer with over 4 decades’ experience. His mindset, experience and work ethic enable him to develop multi-million dollar international and US based projects. Since January 9, 2010 he has been building a powerful team consisting of sustainability partnerships; mass communications, funding programs, humanitarian support systems, self-sustaining communities, subsidized businesses, organic farms, lands, homes, clean energy, profit sharing and more. His skills include investments; training, legal, management, public speaking, team building, project manager, project management, financing, business telecommunications and technology, radio – print – and television advertising, sales and marketing. He ranked #1 in the world in most corporations he worked with since 1992. He has been a guest on TV & radio broadcasting networks; he owns his radio station, hosted radio programs. He was president of United States Business Assistance Agency, and assisted in political campaigns with successful results for Congressman Joe Baca and Congressman Tony Cardenas. He founded United Services of America, Americas Money Magazine, Neighborhood Incentives, and National Home Loans, Sustainability Partnerships. He is still active in helping communities and has recently launched NewPORTAL University’s “Earn as you Learn Programs”

  • President of Communities & Development:

    Gary O. Shelton’s knowledge of supplier development, supplier diversity, merger & acquisition, joint venture, financial issues and his professional, dynamic delivery of provocative messages centered on small business make him a highly sought-after keynote and seminar speaker. He has served as keynote speaker, and panelist for a number of businesses, and organizations such as Coca Cola, Chrysler, Southern California Edison, California High Speed Rail Authority, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Congressional Black Caucus, Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC), African World Expo (AWE), University of Southern California Small Business Clinic, California SBDC Orange County, Devry University, Keller School of Management, Consumer Federation of America, National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC), Rainbow Push Wall Street Project National Baptist Convention USA, and many others.

  • Chief Technical Officer:

    Internet, Portal Engineering & Development: Samrat Khan is our CTO head of multiple Internet and web development tasks including; Software Development, SEO, SEM, PHP, Ecommerce, Digital Design, PSD, HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Development, Wordpress, JavaScript

  • President Public Relations:

    Eddy Taylor; In the mid 80's, top sales person and manager in the earliest days of now world-famous AutoDesk (AutoCAD) during their humble beginnings in Redmond WA. #1 salesperson for Owl International based in Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the world's first hypertext software companies; secured distribution via Egghead software. Eddy sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of software by working with four different embassies in DC. Later he marketed high-end banking software in 5 states. In 1986, moved to Malibu and assisted president of Williams Worldwide in Santa Monica, which made infomercial history and millions for Tony Robbins, Dick Gregory, and many other celebrities. He left the infomercial world in 1991 due to downsizing and changes in the industry. Before leaving the industry, was personally responsible for $1.5M in profits, thanks to his one-of-a-kind, innovative, Net-30 arrangement. This was negotiated with approximately 100 of the largest broadcasting stations in the country. Eddy worked for world-famous HHO inventor Yul Brown from Bulgaria in Sherman Oaks for two years, and famous author and self-taught economist, Ed Griffin, who wrote the best seller "Creature of Jekyll Island" in Newbury Park, CA. Concurrently Eddy worked part time for world-acclaimed holistic doctor Matthias Rath in a remote fashion, as he was based in Northern California. Dr. Rath was, for twenty years, a senior partner for the only person in history who received two unshared Nobel prizes, Dr. Linus Pauling. In spare time, currently works with many other profit-making ventures and 501c3 organizations as an advisor. Currently serves as advisor to RNA Drops, among several other companies in 4 different countries. Through the years in his spare time, wrote for nationally distributed newspapers "Acres USA" and the "California Sun", distributed in Southern California.

  • Master Architect:

    Doug Kelly III has designed around the globe; he finished #1 designer in his class, and has worked on projects with architectural geniuses. Doug Kelly’s resort designs have received FOUR DIAMOND AWARDS. He has traveled around the world twice retired as a successful architect many years ago. He is 73 years young, last year he came out of retirement to complete his opus Anastasia Estate as his greatest and most sustainable work ever.

  • Civil Engineer:

    Carlos Kaune, German engineering with 52 years’ experience in project management, construction.

  • Support and Communications:
    Lawrence Aguayo – Oregon, USA
  • Support and Communications:
    Shumuel Ziegler – New York, USA