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Welcome to NP’s “Success Essentials Partner Program”.

Includes 72+ biz tools, resources, mentoring, grants from partners, collaborators, banks... we are helping thousands of people to Grow & Fund Lives & Projects.

NewPORTAL provides 5 types of Income:

1) More of Your Own Money: 
100% Profit - Grow & Fund your own Products/Services via NP's 72+ $$$Tools and Support Systems

2) NewPORTAL Shares Monthly Revenue with all Active Members: 
50% or 25% Profit - Continuous Monthly Base Income from NewPORTAL

3) NP Shares Equity from NP’s combined Activities & Profits - Gifted/based on 10% of all monies you generate 5/17/17 thru 5/17/18 (could equal $100’s, $1,000’s, $Millions on a profitability basis)

4) NP will also inform and update you pertaining to

5) Grants and other Funding Sources from partners and collaborators
Members receive 12 lessons as listed below. Upon completion, you will gain an advantage in the market place via advanced knowledge and advanced tools pertaining to Business, PR, Sales, Marketing and Collaboration. You will also receive a Success Essentials Certificate of Completion, and may qualify for additional mentoring & resources.
Step 1 Business Profile, Demographics & Competitor Analytics
Step 2 Your Life, Your Money, Your Destiny
Step 3 Lifetime Equity, Grants, Pay It Forward $$$ and other Funding Sources
Step 4 CRM, Collaboration, Building a Team of Like-Minded People
Step 5 Full Service PR, Sales & Marketing from NewPORTAL 
Step 6 Powerful NP Business, Media & Consolidated Home Page
Step 7 Mentoring, Brainstorming and Leadership
Step 8 Fun Inspirational Marketing
Step 9 Funnel Management, Schedules, Appointments
Step 10 Sales and Marketing
Step 11 eCommerce Crowdfunding & Donations with Built in PR, Sales & Marketing
Step 12 Build Local ~ Envision Global, and Earn Profits like the wealthy people of the world

NewPORTAL is a place to grow & fund your project faster by connecting with like-minded people and organizations, to gain skills and tools to “Get Paid to Grow your Project" and attract investors to fund your team and project.

Additionally, 24/7 online training & access to 40+ "All In One" business and communications tools including, Powerful CRM; Press Releases, Analytics, Database Management, Calendar, Organizer, SEO, SEM, SMM, Automated Email-Marketing, Telemarketing from Laptop, Concurrent Social Posts, Digital Biz Card, Events, eCommerce, Consolidated Social Profile, Targeted Leads, Like-Minded Directory, Radio, Crowdfunding, Business Coaching, More...
Imagine getting paid significantly to Grow and Fund your Life & Projects, and other people’s too!

Here you can grow in a cooperative community designed to contribute to each other’s success via community expertise and resources.

In addition to like-minded events, NewPORTAL gives 24/7 online access to powerful media tools, such as Video Biz Cards, Events, Press Releases, Webinars, eCommerce, Job Listings, Crowdfunding and so much more...

NewPORTAL's Pay It Forward, Shared $$$ and Cooperative Economics provides all of the above and so much more to make your Company or Organization a Success and to “Get Paid Significantly to Grow your Project”

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1PM (PST) Sunday
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RSVP in NewPORTAL as 1st time visitor or existing NP member 

2nd Step: 
Participate via computer at https://zoom.us/j/678503150  
Participate via phone by dialing +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 678 503 150 

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